Friday, June 13, 2014

The Moon Master: Hero, or Villain?

"Losing someone close to you is more haunting than a life of cursed solitude."

In the world of Winslow Village everyone has a secret. Lord Hollingberry, whom Tilly (Cinderella) works for, has been hiding a secret since he was a young man. Caroline, beloved innkeeper of Apple Tree Inn, always seems to have a mysterious gleam in her eye. Rodger, the jolly boy Tilly grew up with, is growing more serious by the day, and even Tilly herself has attempted to mask the frightening truth of her past.

But what of the Moon Master?

It would appear that all the dark happenings in Winslow are because of him, and everyone's secret is somehow touched by this shadowy man. But as I said before, everyone in Winslow has a secret -- even the dark Moon Master.

He might be a tortured soul, he might not, and it would seem that at some point in time he had been powerful. Perhaps, even good. But for now his outlook on life is through the gloom of the circus's lights, and the strange circus has a way of warping a man's character.

The Moon Master is someone I hope you're going to meet by reading about his ball, and everything that transpires during it. Perhaps you'll figure out his secret, and whether or not he plays the hero, or the villain...

If I had to choose one actor to play the Moon Master, I would cast Colin Morgan in the role. His sharp, angular features fit the Master perfectly...not to mention Colin would do a fantastic job playing him.



  1. Hehehe! I've read the story so I KNOW. And great actor for him by the way!

    1. Hee hee! :)

      Colin Morgan plays Merlin in the BBC series. It starts out a little...meh...but it picks up in the middle of the first season and gets better from there. I think you'd like it!

  2. Ooh! He would be a great actor for the role, I agree. :-)

    1. He just fits the part perfectly, doesn't he? :)