Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"A far from perfect guy."

"And aside from the fact that he was a royal, Auguste thought his chances none too shabby; he thought  he'd seen a certain encouraging spirit in the way she looked at him."
-The Windy Side of Care by Rachel Heffington
Princes are the most underrated creatures in the world, I think. In fairy tales you seem to get either the Prince Charming type (a.k.a. Mr. Vapid) or the man who's pretty much a Cinderella-story himself. But what about the myraid of princes who are neither of these things? Surely you've got a handsome, privileged prince who can actually think? Or perhaps your prince isn't really into the whole prince-thing after all and would rather be doing something else?

Having Lady Alisandra Carlisle as the princess of The Windy Side of Care, I wanted a proper foil for her in Prince Auguste. And I thought to myself, well what if he is the sort of prince who doesn't give a hairpin for his throne? You know, there is nothing more frustrating to a person who wants to be angry than the object of one's anger not giving a whit for the thing you're hating them over.  Running off of this idea, I created Prince Auguste Blenheim and grew rather to love him. This song, found after I'd written Auguste's character, expresses my prince's views on his royalty rather wonderfully. Enjoy the listen. :)

I hope learn to love Prince Auguste Blenheim of Ashby as much as I did while writing him. He's not your classic fellow ... whatsoever. 

Oh. And P.S. Five Glass Slippers came out early on Kindle last night. Fly away  and get your copy, darlings. It'll be worth it! 


  1. I loved your story! And I totally get about hating oblivious people... : D

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed TWSOC, Allison! Thank you for reading and understanding oblivious people. ;)